I.- Purpose, object and scope

The present stipulations regulate the hiring of products and services offered and the publicity directed to its clients/users on the part of MEDK WELLNESS SL, commercial company that operates through Internet from its page Web (medk.com) offering to its clients cosmetic products, oils CBD and any other products that can add to its range in the future. These General Conditions also regulate the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the sales operations agreed between them.

The clauses listed below make up the framework contract that all users accessing the medk.com website are obliged to know and accept. For the sole purpose of these general conditions, the expression "user" includes any Internet user who accesses the web page medk.com, either directly or from any other Internet site.

The services offered by MEDK WELLNESS SL in this website will be regulated by the conditions contained in this contract. MEDK WELLNESS SL reserves the right to modify, totally or partially, these general conditions, and any new ones agreed upon will be applicable from the moment of their publication on the page. In any case, the aforementioned modifications will not have retroactive effects on the goods or services previously contracted by the users.

These General Conditions are binding on both parties and form an integral and inseparable part of the sales contract, the effectiveness of which operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the customer, through the contracting mechanisms that will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of Article 1.255 of the Civil Code, which includes the principle of autonomy of will and agreements between the contracting parties. For all purposes it will be understood that the user accepts the conditions and rules of use listed here if he or she presses the "Accept" button at the bottom of this document.

In order to guarantee the rights of the consumers and users of MEDK WELLNESS SL in their entirety, these General Conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law, and in particular Law 7/98 of 13 April on General Contracting Conditions, Law 7/96 of 15 January on the Regulation of Retail Trade, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June, Law 34/2002 of 11 July on information society services and electronic commerce, Law 3/2014 of 27 March, which modifies the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November (hereinafter LGDCU) and other applicable laws and their implementing regulations.

II.-Identification and company name of the offeror company

MEDK WELLNESS SL, with address at Avda. de Bruselas 15, Planta 2, Alcobendas 28108 Madrid, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, Registration number 1, volume 40724, sheet 180, section, page 72262, with CIF B01760750, provides its electronic sales services on the Internet at its website medk.com

Their contact address is the e-mail: equipo (at) medk.com.

Their contact telephone number is 910 766 866.

The address for the purposes of complaints will correspond with the address indicated as the company's registered office.

III.-Legal conditions of service provision and responsibility

Clarity and transparency of information:

MEDK WELLNESS SL, in compliance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, through its website and these General Conditions, allows access by electronic means permanently, easily, directly and free of charge to comprehensive information on its company name (tax data, registration, address and communications address), as well as customer data, exclusive access to it, held by the company.

Likewise, in accordance with the aforementioned LGDCU, it offers the client both pre-contractual information (see these General Conditions as well as additional information in the different sections of the website) and confirmation of the legally required information.

IV. User/customer access conditions

The user of MEDK WELLNESS SL's web page will have the right to free access to the public information collected in the same, although MEDK WELLNESS SL reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers to its registered clients.

Any user who accesses MEDK WELLNESS SL's web page has the right to register as a client, and can therefore take advantage of the special offers aimed at registered clients if they comply with the specific conditions of the offer specified for each product.

The public information contained in MEDK WELLNESS SL's web page referring both to the company MEDK WELLNESS SL and to the brands, products, logos,... of the wholesale companies and manufacturers of the products and services offered are protected by the legal provisions on intellectual and industrial property, and therefore copying is not authorised, transmission, transfer, disposal or use by the client/user outside the advertising purpose of its virtual publication that do not have the express consent of MEDK WELLNESS SL, the manufacturer of the product or the owner of trademarks and logos, under the terms provided in Section XI on Intellectual Property Rights.

User registration:

Before formalising the purchase of any of the products offered by MEDK WELLNESS SL, the client/user must register his/her personal details and circumstances necessary for the formalisation of the sales contract (name and surname or company name, DNI/NIF, address, e-mail address, telephone/fax number).

Users may only contract and place orders if they are of legal age.

To be able to place orders on the web page, each client will provide MEDK WELLNESS SL with their personal data voluntarily and under their responsibility.

All the personal data provided by the clients in a fraudulent or false way could be considered as a crime of falsification of commercial documents.

MEDK WELLNESS SL will be able to offer the client a personal registration system through a personalised access key (login) and a password to facilitate future purchase operations. In this case, the client will be able to designate the desired key and password, as long as they are available or not assigned to other clients. By means of an automatic process, MEDK WELLNESS SL, if the client wishes, will generate the access key and password for the client. Keys or passwords with immoral, insulting, humiliating, discriminatory contents or that contravene the provisions of the law will not be admitted, nor those with terms that allude to brands, products or names protected by the legal provisions on Intellectual and Industrial Property or contrary to the rights to privacy, honour and own image.

The client undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of his own access key and password. MEDK WELLNESS SL is exempt from any responsibility derived from the incorrect use or negligence on the part of the client in the fulfilment of its obligation of confidentiality of its access keys.

According to the established by the LGDCU, we inform that MEDK WELLNESS SL, is a company adhered to the conflict resolution system Confianza Online. You can obtain more information clicking on the logo of Confianza Online located in the page medk.com

V.-Offer and acceptance process


Charging and Shipping of the orders:

Payments made by card (debit or credit) are captured when verifying the availability of products in our warehouse (usually immediately). All orders are prepared within one working day and from the moment of payment capture, our customers will receive their orders at their delivery address within 2 to 3 working days.

Pricing policy:

MEDK WELLNESS SL reserves at all times and unilaterally the right to modify the price of the products and services offered through its website. In order to guarantee the client the certainty and security of the price of its products, this will be the one in force in the advertising coinciding with the moment of formalising the order.

In the process of electronic purchase the following steps will be followed according to the menu of options consigned in the web page of MEDK WELLNESS SL:

Information about the product offered to the customer:

includes technical characteristics, description, guarantee period, manufacturer's brand, and an indicative photograph (if applicable).

Information on the price of the product:

Information on the final price or retail price of the product to be acquired, containing in the same order the final cost for the customer and including VAT, shipping costs and insurance of goods and handling derived from transport. The final cost, therefore, will be communicated to the customer in the electronic purchase process before the customer formalises his acceptance by choosing the "end purchase" option from the options menu.

The cost of shipping can be consulted on our website at the following address:


The possible discounts or promotional gifts will be freely directed by MEDK WELLNESS SL to the groups designated at each moment by MEDK WELLNESS SL, or according to the product offered, according to the existing publicity at each moment in its web page.

Acceptance of the order:

When the order is placed, once the menu option for accepting the order has been used, it is understood that the customer has given his or her consent to the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract, which is binding on the parties.

MEDK WELLNESS SL, after accepting the order, will inform the client of the same by sending the order confirmation.

The commitment acquired by MEDK WELLNESS SL for the sale and delivery of the goods offered is subject to the stock of the product advertised and its availability until the end of the stock period, for which reason MEDK WELLNESS SL, in its commitment to quality and customer service, tries at all times to ensure that the products advertised are available.

Important note for the purchase of "Opportunities": MEDK WELLNESS SL may offer products in this section from customer returns or with some non-significant lack for its operation (e.g. not original packaging) which will be described exactly and in detail in the description of the article. All products in this category are completely new except those specifically indicated in their description that are not. For the latter, MEDK WELLNESS SL will respond to any lack of conformity within one year of delivery (according to the period recognised for this type of product in the LGDCU, presuming that the lack of conformity during the first six months already existed when the good was delivered (except when this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity), it being up to the buyer to prove in the remaining 6 months that the lack of conformity already existed at the time of delivery.


MEDK WELLNESS SL will issue a digital invoice which will be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided by the customer when placing the order. In addition, MEDK WELLNESS SL will issue a physical invoice which will be sent and delivered together with the order to the customer's address designated by him/her.

MEDK WELLNESS SL warns that it will not be able to modify after the invoicing the sales invoices in compliance with the current regulations (Royal Decree 1496/2003 on invoicing rules, modified by Royal Decree 87/2005). The invoice will be issued in the name of the individual or company placing the order, so the customer must ensure that the order is placed in the correct name. No subsequent changes will be possible.

MEDK WELLNESS SL warns, that for reasons of personal data protection, only duplicate invoices will be issued to the person holding the contract. Duplicates will not be issued to third parties. MEDK WELLNESS SL will not send duplicate invoices by fax or e-mail but only to the address designated by the contract holder. Once the guarantee period has expired, no more duplicate invoices can be issued.

VI. Product guarantee

The guarantee of the products sold by MEDK WELLNESS SL is provided and established by virtue of the regulations contained in the legislation in force, in particular, in the aforementioned LGDCU, a legal framework which aims to provide the consumer with different options to demand the repair when the goods purchased do not conform to the contract, giving him the option of demanding the repair or replacement of the goods, unless one of these is impossible or disproportionate. Where repair or replacement is not possible or is disproportionate, the consumer may demand a reduction in the price or rescission of the contract.

Commercial guarantee:

Under the LGDCU, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer a good that is in conformity with the contract of sale in the terms that it establishes, by virtue of which

"The seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer and user products which are in conformity with the contract, being liable to him for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the product".

MEDK WELLNESS SL will not be responsible for any possible damage that may result from misuse or manipulation. The guarantee will not be valid in the case of factors external to the normal use of the product or incorrect or abusive handling by the customer or by third parties not authorised by the manufacturers.

The calculation of the guarantee will begin on the day of delivery, in accordance with the LGDCU.

In the case of product repairs, the customer must only use the official technical services (recognised and licensed by the manufacturers).

Without prejudice to the above-described sanitation regime, and even in the event of full conformity of the goods, the customer may cancel the order and return it within fourteen working days, as indicated in the following paragraphs.

The guarantee is addressed only to the holder (contractual party) who appears on the invoice and only the holder may demand it.

MEDK WELLNESS SL will not be responsible for attending to requests from third parties who have not directly acquired the goods through MEDK WELLNESS SL and/or who do not appear on the sales invoice.

VII.-Customer rights

Confidentiality and security of the client's personal data in accordance with the provisions of current Spanish legislation on data protection.

No dissemination, transmission or publication of customer data without their express consent.

Not to receive promotional or advertising emails in case of having rejected them.

To access, rectify, cancel and/or oppose the processing of the client's personal data held in the MEDK WELLNESS SL database at the client's request, all in accordance with the provisions of the section on Personal Data Protection.

Free access to the open sections of MEDK WELLNESS SL's website

To know at all times the status of the order placed.

To withdraw from this contract within 14 working days of receiving the product without the need for justification. The withdrawal period will expire 14 working days from the day the customer*, or a third party indicated by him/her, other than the carrier, received the product.

*NOTE: the period for exercising the right of withdrawal was suspended on 14 March by the Royal Decree that declared the state of alert, while the period for making returns was interrupted on 18 March by Royal Decree Law 8/2020 of 17 March. These deadlines will remain in place until the end of the state of alert or its extensions.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify MEDK WELLNESS SL (Address: Avda. de Bruselas 15, Planta 2, Alcobendas 28108 Madrid by telephone: 910 766 866 or email: equipo (at) medk.com your decision to withdraw from the contract. You may also make an unequivocal statement of your decision by letter sent by post.

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication concerning your exercise of this right is sent before the expiration of the corresponding period.

A model withdrawal form can be downloaded from the following link: MODEL WITHDRAWAL FORM

NOTE: When you receive your order, it is very important that you check that everything is correct, that the order is complete and has no damaged parts. If you notice any problem with your order, please inform us within 48 hours by phone: 910 766 866, or by e-mail to: equipo (at) medk.com

Consequences of withdrawal:

In the event of withdrawal, we shall return all payments received, without any undue delay and in any event no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of the decision to withdraw from this contract.

We will proceed to make this refund using the same means of payment as those used for the initial transaction, unless the customer has expressly agreed otherwise; in any case, no expense will be incurred as a result of the refund.

* Important: Natural or legal persons acting in an area outside of a business or professional activity will be considered as consumers. MEDK WELLNESS SL, will not accept refunds due to withdrawal by companies or professionals.

Exceptions to the withdrawal:

Due to its nature, the following products are not eligible for return due to withdrawal:

All products that require direct contact with some parts of the body whose packaging has been unsealed or the slightest signs of use are detected.

Return conditions:

In cases of wear and tear or deterioration of the good due to causes that are not exclusively due to its test to make a decision on its definitive acquisition, MEDK WELLNESS SL, will agree with the client the amount to be returned.

The customer must assume the direct cost of returning the goods. The customer will only be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. In cases of excessive use of the goods, such return will not be accepted. We ask that you decide before using the product if you are really interested in it.

MEDK WELLNESS SL will not be responsible for returns on products handled by the customer, or those goods that are returned incomplete in both their main elements and accessories.

If you have any doubts about the correct delivery of the products, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Products returned without the original packaging may suffer a depreciation in value.

VIII.-User/customer obligations

Keep your personal keys with due diligence.

To use faithfully the service of purchases facilitated by MEDK WELLNESS SL in its page Web, abstaining from manipulating the contents of its page Web, introducing denigrating contents or interfering in its computer science means through virus or other conduct prohibited in Right.

Respect the purchase agreement once the order has been accepted, with the appropriate payment of the agreed price, and refrain from abusive and anti-legal conduct when contracting

Use the information published by MEDK WELLNESS SL exclusively by the client strictly within the intended personal business relationship.

Not to reproduce, alienate or dispose of the information published by MEDK WELLNESS SL in all its contents without the express permission of the company itself.


Preserve, modify or suspend its website without prior notice.

Modify the price of the offers.

Reject orders due to lack of stock or non-payment by the customer.

Refuse access to computer tools to customers in case of failure to comply with these conditions.

Receive the amount of the customer's purchases by accepting the transaction.

To reserve ownership and retain full ownership of the item until full payment by the customer.

To reserve the right to hold draws for goods or services on its website.

Use the information published by MEDK WELLNESS SL exclusively by the client strictly within the intended personal business relationship.

Not to reproduce, alienate or dispose of the information published by MEDK WELLNESS SL in all its contents without the express permission of the company itself.

Proceed to correct or amend human or computer errors.

X.-Intellectual and industrial property rights

The rights related to the industrial and intellectual property (by way of example and not limitation: brands, logos, texts, photographs, icons, images,..., as well as the graphic design, source code and other elements of software contained in the web page "medk.com") are the property of MEDK WELLNESS SL or of the wholesale companies and manufacturers of the products and services offered. Therefore they are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and protected by Spanish and international legislation.

Without the previous written authorization of MEDK WELLNESS SL, or, in its case, of the wholesale company or of the manufacturer of the product holder of the rights, it is not allowed to use, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, as well as any use that exceeds a normal and necessary use for the visit of the page and the use of the offered services.

Access to the services provided does not mean that MEDK WELLNESS SL renounces, transmits or cedes all or part of the rights derived from the intellectual and industrial property, nor does it attribute rights of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of these contents without the prior and express authorisation in writing of the respective owners of these rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain a private security copy of such content, provided that this right is exercised according to the principles of good faith and provided that the intellectual and industrial property of the holder of such rights remains unaltered, is used for non-commercial purposes and exclusively for the user's personal information.

The responsibility derived from the use of materials protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties contained in this page in an illicit way or that transgresses morality, honour or privacy and good faith, will correspond exclusively to the user, exempting in any case MEDK WELLNESS SL from any responsibility derived from such conduct.

XI. Disclaimer of liability

MEDK WELLNESS SL will not be liable for any interruptions in electrical or telecommunications services that prevent users from using the services offered.

XII.-Protection of personal data


The information received by MEDK WELLNESS SL through its web page will be treated with the maximum confidentiality. MEDK WELLNESS SL will observe at all times the current provisions on data protection, in particular, Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, and will adopt the necessary measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment and unauthorised access of this data and to ensure that its employees observe these provisions, as well as the duty of secrecy regarding the data being protected and other current confidentiality obligations. Likewise, it undertakes not to use the personal data of the users of the site for purposes other than those for which the services it provides are contracted.

In accordance with current legislation, MEDK WELLNESS SL collects personal data from its clients and includes them in a file owned by it, the processing of which is exclusively intended for the purpose of managing the orders requested from the Company and responding to any queries that users may have. The entity responsible for the files is MEDK WELLNESS SL. The user must provide the personal data and circumstances necessary to register as a client of the Company and to formalise sales contracts (name and surname(s) or company name, DNI/NIF, address, e-mail address, telephone/fax number). The registration of these data is obligatory; the lack of completion of these data by the user or the supply of incorrect data will make it impossible for MEDK WELLNESS SL to correctly manage the orders placed. MEDK WELLNESS SL requests additional personal data for statistical purposes, in order to know the user's profile. The user can omit or stop communicating any personal data or circumstance that is not absolutely necessary for registration as a client or formalisation of the purchase. MEDK WELLNESS SL may allow third party advertising companies to place advertisements on its website. The data may be used by MEDK WELLNESS SL in order to send the user information about offers and advertising information to the e-mail address or personal address provided, to which the client expressly consents; however, the client may choose at any time to reject the sending of such information by sending an e-mail to this effect.

Likewise, the client expressly consents to MEDK WELLNESS SL communicating this data to companies or banks for the management of transport and collection of the order. MEDK WELLNESS SL may also carry out other communications of data provided for by law.

The data collected by MEDK WELLNESS SL may be processed and stored in Spain or any other country where it has facilities. Similarly, it may carry out international transfers of data to countries not members of the E.U., for which the client expressly gives his consent, all in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

MEDK WELLNESS SL, the entity receiving the data collected on this page, undertakes to respect and facilitate the exercise of the rights recognised by law by the interested parties and, in particular, the rights of access to the data, rectification, cancellation of data and opposition, if appropriate. Such rights may be exercised by the user or, where appropriate, by his or her representative, by means of a written and signed request addressed to the following address: Avda. de Bruselas 15, Planta 2, Alcobendas 28108 Madrid.

Security in the treatment, computer process and custody of data:

MEDK WELLNESS SL declares and guarantees that it maintains the levels of security for the protection of personal data in accordance with current legislation, and that it has established all the technical means within its reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data provided by users. All this without prejudice to the fact, which the user expressly accepts, that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

Claim procedure:

Below we provide you with access to the European Union's online dispute resolution platform: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=ES